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Recycling and reuse of waste Banana oil from paint industry


Coatings production and processing enterprises will use a large number of diluents, commonly known as diluents, also known as Banana oilThis diluent is commonly used to clean spray guns, paint barrels, etc. After repeated cleaning, the diluent will be mixed with a large number of impurities (such as paint, ink, grease, pigments, resins, etc.), so that the diluent can not be used again for cleaning.

The Banana oil will become turbid after repeated use, because there are a lot of impurities in it. Calstar Solvent Recovery Machine can turn waste Banana oil into clean Banana oil by distillation principle. This kind of mixed impurity Banana oil can be treated and used for cleaning again, so it only needs solvent recovery machine to extract Banana oil from impurities, which is environmentally friendly and economical.

Calstar solves the problem of waste solvent recovery for paint production and processing enterprises, and effectively recycles waste resources.

The recycling and reuse of waste Banana oil in paint industry can be put into production again through Calstar solvent recycling machine, which can help enterprises save a lot of purchase cost of waste Banana oil and reduce the damage of waste Banana oil to the environment. If you also have waste Banana oil to be recycled, please purchase a Calstar solvent recycling machine to realize the reuse of Banana oil and save cost greatly. It reduces environmental pollution and has economic and environmental benefits.

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