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Application of Ethanol Recycler in Pharmaceutical Company


Among the recent buyers of Calstar Solvent Recycler, two American biopharmaceutical companies purchased Calstar Solvent Recycler in order to recover ethanol.

The two customers produce cannabis oil (Hemp, also known as industrial cannabis, naturally grows in the northern hemisphere and adapts to a variety of climates with a growth cycle of 108-120 days). Cannabis oil is a concentrated liquid extract of cannabis plant. Similar to other herbal extracts, the chemical composition of cannabis oil varies depending on the way the extract is made and the chemical composition of the original plant.

When biopharmaceutical companies manufacture hemp oil, they first soak crushed cannabis leaves with ethanol. After fermentation and filtration, the solid residues are separated by centrifugation, and then the mixture of ethanol and cannabis oil is separated by Calstar solvent recovery machine. Finally, crude hemp oil is obtained.

Ethanol boiling point is 78 degrees Celsius. Ethanol will be converted into steam after heating. Solvent recovery machine can turn ethanol vapor into clean liquid through condensation device. Impurities mixed in ethanol can be separated to achieve the purpose of ethanol recycling.

Calstar Solvent Recycling Machine can help enterprises recycle ethanol and recycle. If you have any problem of solvent recovery, please contact us and we can help you solve the problem of waste solvent treatment!

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